LA Stage Times' feature article by Samantha Mehlinger.

“We all thought they didn't make leading men
like this for the American musical theater anymore.
Mr. Kirsche shows off a gorgeous legit voice, 
used with delicacy as well as power.”
- Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News

“Damon Kirsche has one of the best and most 
versatile male voices of this generation.”
- Gerard Alessandrini, Theo's Roundtable

“Damon Kirsche was in glorious voice and provided
that sparkle of old Broadway / Hollywood glamour
that makes every role he takes on magical... 
I’m still waiting for someone to write him a role set in the 1920s/’30s that captures
 all of the things he does so well and lets him put his stamp on an original character.
- Ellen Dostal, BroadwayWorld

... ever-versatile Kirsche launches the 
climactic “Lullaby of Broadway” with
spine-tingling resonance...
musical theater heaven is nigh.”
- David C. Nichols, L.A. Times

“Beautiful precision of style... 
a very sensitive and skilled performer.”
- Steven Blier, The NY Festival of Song

“Barihunk Damon Kirsche was in thrilling voice
as Robert Baker, a frustrated editor who explains how talent doesn’t mean anything in a town that eats you up and spits you out. But he didn’t just conquer 'What a Waste;’ 
his forlorn simplicity combined
with that controlled but powerful voice
created an aching tenderness in 'A Quiet Girl.’”
- Tony Frankel,

“The dynamic Kirsche created magic... bedazzling.”
- Les Spindle, Backstage

Kirsche is musical theater star material.
He makes Kodaly a slithery hunk--a cad, certainly, but a seductive cad
who has a song in his heart. His exit anthem, 'Grand Knowing You,' is a winner.
- Evan Henerson,  L.A. Daily News

"It's unusual to find Kirsche 
(a superb musical theater performer
with many bicoastal and regional credits) in an essentially non-singing role. 
His characterization of the shady traveling salesman is 
a comedic tour de force.”  
- Les Spindle, Edge Media

"When the perfect singer/perfect song/perfect rendition occurred, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on the planet. At the top spot was a mustachioed Damon Kirsche, who decided to go all debonair with Cole Porter’s rarely performed “The Tale of the Oyster..." Funny and relaxed, the captivating Kirsche needs his own evening."
- Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

As the Count Carl Magnus, Kirsche is impossibly handsome, tall and splendid.” - Laurence Vittes, The Hollywood Reporter

“A posing, preening lover, Kirsche puts his own stamp on a role
that first established Kevin Kline as a star.” - Joel Hirschhorn, Variety

“... his delectable rendition of the matinee idol’s ‘theme song,’ ‘My Fortune Is My Face,’ gets
one of the evening’s loudest and longest ovations.” 
- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

…Damon is one of the best singers of show music around today and
 he has an other-worldly affinity for period styles.
 He can also land a swing number like nobody's business. 

... premier L.A. leading man Kirsche, whose casting as Julian is a match made in musical theater heaven. Not only is Kirsche as dashing a lead as you could desire, 
he sings like a dream and with such utter sincerity that you have no doubt at all that he means every showbiz cliché that leaves his mouth. 
- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“Kirsche has powerful vocals and charisma…
all one could want in a musical theater evening.” - Melinda Schupmann,

“Kirsche exudes debonair elegance...
[his] powerful baritone croons the classic ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ 
and gives a quietly emotional punch to the coda of ‘Forty-Second Street.’” 
- Bob Curtright, The Wichita Eagle

“He performs with infectious enthusiasm
and impeccable timing.”- Sherli Leonard, Press Enterprise

“Kirsche has a Cagney-like ferocity
his cynical, ill-tempered, no-nonsense Julian, amused by Peggy and often dumbstruck,
his head cocked, unsure of quite what to make of this raw dynamo.”
- Eric Marchese, Backstage

“Kirsche has a rich, deep baritone that gives him the authority of a proper Victorian father [and] emotional punch to his lament “A Man Has Dreams.”
- Bob Curtright, The Wichita Eagle

"Damon Kirsche makes an irresistible Woody and his booming baritone
has seldom sounded so resplendent.” 
- Les Spindle, Backstage

“Deliciously despicable... Kirsche has enormous fun with this campy, cartoony rolean oily weasel who delights in demeaning, berating, slandering and generally acting like an overprivileged jerk.” - Bob Curtright, The Wichita Eagle

“Oklahoma!’s Curly allows the 
handsome, golden-voiced performer
to show of an “aw shucks” side not seen before, resulting in
an entirely winning performance.”
- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

Damon Kirsche belts out 'It's Been Grand’ with
riveting showmanship.”
- Joel Hirschorn, Variety

“Damon Kirsche showed off his mellifluous baritone
on a medley from 42nd Street (Harry Warren, Al Dubin).” - Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes

“Kirsche looks, moves and sounds
as if he were lifted directly out of the ‘50s... 
impeccable phrasing, scatting and big, baritone voice.”

"Damon Kirsche is stellar as El Gallo
He delivers soaring ballads
with power and panache
and achieves a charismatic performance.
 - Les Spindle, Backstage

“Kirsche has his finest hour as Marsh, the no-nonsense director who finds himself falling for Sawyer's simple charms.” - Don Grigware, BroadwayWorld

“…Kirsche's gorgeously sung Bob Baker
(stunning in ‘A Quiet Girl’)." – David C. Nichols
“An easy, silky baritone, loaded with unforced personableness”
- Eric Marchese, OC Register

“A pleasing high baritone and a knack for comedy

- Michael Dale, BroadwayWorld

"Damon Kirsche sends 'On the Street Where You Live' into the heavens:
the sound is sublime." - Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

"Kirsche brought ample shades to 'Logos,' part iron fist and part watchful guardian.”
- Dany Margolies, Backstage

“Kirsche proves a younger, sexier Higgins, with
resonant singing voice, impeccable diction
and mastery of difficult patter songs.”
- Bob Curtright, The Wichita Eagle

“Sassy and hilarious... Kirsche's Agis is as tall and good-looking as a prince should be, but with a body of rubber. He bends and stretches and poses as he slowly loses his innocence and is won by Leonide's worldly ways.” - John Farrell, L.A. Daily News

“Kirsche is top-notch talent... a strong voice and versatile singing style well-suited to the challenging array of songs, the acting ability needed for the hero's varied guises, and a dashing physical presence.”
- Bud Norman, The Wichita Eagle

Damon Kirsche sings with
the best musical phrasing
you are ever likely to hear.”
- Sherman Spencer, The Record